About Me

I’m a loud asshole.

If that’s too little to go on, my name is Jack Futty and I’m an English major at Ohio State University. You may notice I left the “The” off. That’s because even I’m not as big of a stubborn asshole as OSU.
I wrote for a small online newsletter called “The Supercheats Newsletter” on Supercheats.com under the name imaloony8.0 for a few years, writing reviews and such for them. Then I bugged people on Facebook with my opinion and then I started this blog knowing full well that no one will probably read it.

I’ve been a gamer ever since I played Pokemon Red when I was a kid, I’ve been into Anime since I first watched Dragon Ball Z, and movies have just been in my blood. Trust me when I say that I am a nerd and I know what I’m talking about.


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